Everything You Need to Know if You Want to Graduate Less Than 3,5 Years

Colloge days will begin soon, student are begin to getting into class and their study life. Usually studying timetable is about 8 semester or 4 years. But we are going to tell some tips for you to get graduate within less than 4 years.

1. Read and learn of any guidebook when you first recieve in student orientation time

Usually in new orientation, University will share a book of guidance for new student. And mostly student don’t read out of this, causing they aren’t interested in value of it’s book, some will ignore this content of the book cause guidance is just too common for them. Actually this book will explain how and guide about subject course, timetable that student can choose and set in semester. For degree student, they allow to get 144 SKS (Semester Credit Unit) to achieve and finish their study and graduate. So after you know everything of content inside the book, you could divide yourself which is mostly important according to the needs and divide of 144 SKS into 6 semester, why it only 6 semester? Because in first semester you must have basic class that provide by university

2. Make Target for value of our grade point average

Make Sure we make some sort of target for result, so our GPA ( grade point average ) will get above average of the target. So after you get better GPA, you could take more SKS as we wish. As getting more SKS and achieve GPA above than average value, you can pass more faster on the semester. The fast you study, more faster you can graduate and get real life job

3.What should you do if your point is just average or less than average?

When we go through college time, this is the time of freedom. No more tutoring class, no more extra class, but actually college need to be more focus cause this is last assessment you can get to have your dream work. But majority cause of total freedom, we are complacement of time, we play more a lot than study. But don’t worry, if you fail you can retry in another semester but of course you have to pay next tuition. Some expert say if you couldn’t get best point of semester, you better make it worse and redo for the next semester but you have to be prepare to get for best point of it.

4. Check again so there is no prerequisite courses for our thesis are left behind

Make sure any important prerequisite courses aren’t missing. If you miss this, eventhough you get best result you can’t pass to the next semester and you aren’t allow to finish final essay.

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So there are 4 tips for you guys to get pass college within 3,5 years. There are still tips that we will share, so wait and stay tune on our website, guys. Good luck!