7 Favorite Majors

The college period will be a time where you enjoy learning more directed according to your interests and expertise. When you were still in high school, you couldn’t choose what you were going to study more deeply, but now it’s time to consider what you’re going to study in.

 Does the course you are going to take is following your wishes or just follow friends, parents’ orders, it could also be due to economic factors. Whatever majors to be taken, don’t make mistakes in making choices, because many have stopped studying on the grounds of “wrong direction”. In addition to loving costs, also a lot of time will be wasted.


 We have so many lecture majors to choose from, we try to summarize the most favorite and worthy college majors for your future.

 1. Department of Agriculture

 This department is indeed timeless and remains one of the favorite majors. Opportunities to work after taking this course are also very many, among others are becoming agricultural extension workers, cultivation experts, plant experts and many more.

 2. Department of Education

 The Department of Education is currently on the rise. Not only because educators’ job vacancies are scattered everywhere, work as an educator is also impressed as a noble job. At present there are a lot of majors in Education that you can take, starting from basic education, art education, non-school education and so on.

 3. Law Department

 Aspiring to be an honest and fair law enforcer is also a noble dream. Establish yourself before entering this department, because it requires great responsibility. Employment from this department is also wide open, starting from becoming a lawyer, judge, or notary public.

 4. Department of Informatics Engineering

 In the modern era like now, everything is fast and sophisticated. The Informatics Engineering Department is the answer for those of you who like technology. Especially now that salaries are quite high for the graduates majoring in IT themselves can be one of your considerations. Job vacancies from this department are very many, both from domestic companies to foreign companies.

 5. Accounting Department

 Workers from these majors are a very important part of the company. If you like to count, you can consider these majors. Graduates from this department are always sought after because every company needs an accountant.

 6. Language Department

 The Language Department is also a very important department at this time. Apart from being a means of communication, language is also a bridge between countries. At present, there are many choices of language majors, from local languages ​​to foreign languages. Among them are German, Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin and of course English.

 7. Department of Medicine

 This department is still excellent, in addition to offering a bright future, this department is also considered a prestigious department. Working in this field is also considered as a noble job and helps people around. Currently, medical majors offer various majors such as medical majors or doctor education, veterinary medicine, nursing, and physiotherapy.