Beware of Fake Scholarships


For students, scholarships are a separate goal and achievement. Opening scholarship registration is always awaited, both scholarships from within the country or scholarships from abroad.

 For scholarships from abroad, information can come from anywhere, online information. Lots of information about scholarships can be obtained on the internet, therefore students must choose well about the scholarships to be followed. Not a few scholars who turned out to be fake on the internet, they only use scholarship information for personal gain. There are a few tips to differentiate between original scholarship providers and fake ones, one of which is to recognize the characteristics of fake scholarship information providers, namely:

 1. Asking for Money

Scholarship seekers must be careful if you find a message or e-mail to pay an unreasonable amount of money, fake scholarship providers are usually reasonable for registration fees or administrative costs. Usually, if there is a registration fee, the scholarship provider will include the fee and account number by what was previously informed.

 2. Request financial info

 False scholarship providers sometimes ask for detailed financial data from prospective scholarship recipients, financial data that is very personal, such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and some even ask for a PIN for transactions. Official scholarship providers usually only ask for personal data that is general and some academic achievements they have. If you encounter a registration form requesting financial information as above, you must be careful or just look for another one.

 3. Terror from the scholarship provider

 When you find scholarship providers who suddenly send e-mails or telephone continuously, do not rush to believe. You can find detailed information about the scholarship provider first, and make sure that you do receive the scholarship. Usually, the fake scholarship providers also give a time limit for completing registration in an unnatural time such as 1 x 24 hours.

 4. Certainly accepted

 Finding a scholarship provider is indeed difficult or difficult. But if you meet the registration with the lure of sure to be accepted and the requirements are too easy you must also be vigilant. Especially if suddenly there is a scholarship offer without us ever feeling registered, and say you are immediately accepted if you pay some money. Yet to get a scholarship especially foreign scholarships must go through businesses that are not easy.

 5. Logo

 Fake scholarship sites will usually include the logo of universities, institutions, banks, and others to convince potential victims. It’s a good idea to match the logo on the site with the logo on the original site. Be careful if the logo listed is different from the logo on the original site.