7 World’s Oldest and Best Universities

If traced back to its history, higher education institutions have existed since the Middle Ages, and the first institutions to use the term University were founded in the Kingdom of Italy, then became part of the Roman Empire. Most universities have to change from monastic schools that are much older and it is difficult to know when the school will officially become a university. All of the universities we will look at are from various institutions based on religion in their home country and their buildings are usually part of a very large place of worship. Finally, all of these universities developed their curriculum to include non-religious subjects and almost all of them are still operating today.

University of Padua

Padua University was founded in 1222 as a law and theology school. Although 1222 is the first time the university has been cited in historical documents, most historians believe that this school predates that date. This university was started with an organized group of students and teachers that were left from the University of Bologna in pursuit of greater academic freedom. This university was divided into 2 sections, Luristarum for civil and catholic law and the other one is Artistarum for astronomy, philosophy, grammar, medicine, dialectics, rhetoric. They also have one of the oldest gardens in town, they called it Padova Botanical Garden.

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge, founded in 1209, was born into an association of scholars who fled Oxford University after falling out with the city’s residents. The school is the second oldest university in the English-speaking world. Cambridge is made up of 31 constituent colleges and more than 100 academic departments, organized into six faculties.

University of Salamanca

The University of Salamanca is the oldest university in Spain and the third oldest still operating university in the world. Like the oldest universities, this university was started as a Cathedral School in 1130. The school officially recognized as a “University” in 1254 by King Alfonso X. A year later, the school was rented by Pope Alexander IV. The university has celebrated its eighth year in 2018 (based on the royal charter from 1218).

University of Oxford

This university is the oldest English-speaking among other universities in the world. Although this has an unknown founding date historians told that teaching at Oxford existed around the 1090s to 1150s. Oxford became quickly thrived after Henry II was banned attempt to attend from the University of Paris. In the 1200s, there was an incident between townspeople and students causing some of their students fled from Oxford and created the University of Cambridge, that’s why two of this university are often called “Oxbridge”. The University of Oxford is very renowned and prestigious also produced many notable alumni such as dozen of Nobel achievement and Prime Ministers of Great Britain.

University of Bologna

The University of Bologna is the oldest continuously operating university and was the first place of study to use the term “university”. The university also the first to introduce “alma mater” it is a Latin for “nutritious mother”, the fact that university provides intellectual content to students into academic use as the school’s motto reads “Alma Mater Studiorum”. The school accepted its charter in the 1150s.

Al-Azhar University

Al-Azhar was founded around 972 AD as a small university to spread Shiite teaching in Egypt as known as a madrasah. This school is the only university in the Arab world that has survived as a modern university and is one of the largest Arabic literature and Islamic learning in the world. Al-Azhar has added some non-religious subjects, such as medical subject and engineering, to its curriculum in the 1960s and within that year Al-Azhar also granted university status.

Everything You Need to Know if You Want to Graduate Less Than 3,5 Years

Colloge days will begin soon, student are begin to getting into class and their study life. Usually studying timetable is about 8 semester or 4 years. But we are going to tell some tips for you to get graduate within less than 4 years.

1. Read and learn of any guidebook when you first recieve in student orientation time

Usually in new orientation, University will share a book of guidance for new student. And mostly student don’t read out of this, causing they aren’t interested in value of it’s book, some will ignore this content of the book cause guidance is just too common for them. Actually this book will explain how and guide about subject course, timetable that student can choose and set in semester. For degree student, they allow to get 144 SKS (Semester Credit Unit) to achieve and finish their study and graduate. So after you know everything of content inside the book, you could divide yourself which is mostly important according to the needs and divide of 144 SKS into 6 semester, why it only 6 semester? Because in first semester you must have basic class that provide by university

2. Make Target for value of our grade point average

Make Sure we make some sort of target for result, so our GPA ( grade point average ) will get above average of the target. So after you get better GPA, you could take more SKS as we wish. As getting more SKS and achieve GPA above than average value, you can pass more faster on the semester. The fast you study, more faster you can graduate and get real life job

3.What should you do if your point is just average or less than average?

When we go through college time, this is the time of freedom. No more tutoring class, no more extra class, but actually college need to be more focus cause this is last assessment you can get to have your dream work. But majority cause of total freedom, we are complacement of time, we play more a lot than study. But don’t worry, if you fail you can retry in another semester but of course you have to pay next tuition. Some expert say if you couldn’t get best point of semester, you better make it worse and redo for the next semester but you have to be prepare to get for best point of it.

4. Check again so there is no prerequisite courses for our thesis are left behind

Make sure any important prerequisite courses aren’t missing. If you miss this, eventhough you get best result you can’t pass to the next semester and you aren’t allow to finish final essay.

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So there are 4 tips for you guys to get pass college within 3,5 years. There are still tips that we will share, so wait and stay tune on our website, guys. Good luck!

The Right Steps To Take The Summer Student Exchange Program


Taking summer courses at other colleges can be a great way for students to get out of their comfort zones and also to add experiences for the future. Even though summer is often considered a time off from college, it is also a good time to catch up or get extra credit for getting their bachelor’s degree. Today many colleges allow guest students to register for summer classes and can transfer credit back to their original college. One of the supporters of this program is Agen Sbobet from Indonesia. Agen Sbobet is a company that run a service for online gambling, expert for sbobet login and online betting. Their business has spread everywhere engaged in the largest online soccer gambling in Indonesia. As the originators and also as the head of the student exchange program, They consistently help this program which is very useful for students to add insight and experience since they know 2010 . Next, we will discuss the steps we must take if it will be part of the student exchange program this summer.

Step 1: Identify The Program That Must Be Taken

When choosing to take summer classes, don’t just register for classes that sound interesting. Students must first consult with their supervisor to identify study programs that are relevant to their study program and will be transferred back to their regular tertiary institutions. Maybe looking for classes that do exist at the college of origin can help ensure that after the course credit will be transferred after completion.

Step 2: Investigate Financial Assistance Options

Most host colleges will not offer financial assistance to guest students. Students should check what assistance is covered at their home college’s financial assistance office if any is available. Some colleges may offer a consortium agreement in classes where students can take classes at other colleges. In some other cases, students may be able to use alimony funds or make loans to attend summer classes at other tertiary institutions.

Step 3: Register At Another College

Just as when registering for the first time at the college of origin, students who will take summer courses at other universities must register and be accepted before entering class. Many colleges have different provisions for visiting guests or students. Provisions may include obtaining approval or recommendations from the college of origin. Other provisions that can apply such as the minimum GPA of the receiving tertiary institution.

Step 4: Be Aware Of Credit Transfer Conditions

Keep in mind that most colleges as long as they only take credit transfers, not grades. The grades that students receive at other tertiary institutions as guest students are unlikely to affect their GPA at all. However, most universities also set a certain value so that credit meets the requirements for transfer. Usually, it is a C or GPA of 2.0 for some classes.

Step 5: Register For Summer Class

After being accepted at another college as a guest student, it is time to register for the desired summer course or class. The tertiary institution must notify incoming students of their registration date and provide further instructions on how to continue or stop the course. Many colleges currently have online portals where students can register for classes and perform other related assignments. In addition, students must also be aware that sometimes the destination summer agenda calendar differs significantly from the home college.

Step 6: Request An Official Transcript Of Credit Transfers

After the class or course has finished, it is important for other tertiary institutions to send the transcript back to the student’s origin college. Origin Colleges need this transcript to prove that students have taken courses so they can apply credit to their notes. The student’s original college will likely need official transcripts to be sent from the registrar’s office. Usually, all costs incurred as part of a summer class must be paid in full so that the transcript will be released.

Study Guide During College


Whether you like studying or not, learning is an important part of campus life. Even learning might dominate a large portion of your time. Before you learn it’s good to see the guidelines and tips for studying in this college. Here quick tips from me:

1. Avoid the slightest disturbance, because this will interfere with your ability to store information.

2. Gather motivation and willingness to learn and complete tasks.

3. Use highlighter to mark important points so that it is easy to learn again.

4. Take notes while reading new material. This will help you remember what you read.

5. Don’t write everything your lecturer says, just write down the important points.

6. Always reread your notes after the lecture, this will make it easy for you to remember what you have learned.

7. Prioritize what needs to be learned first, and prioritize important tasks that must be completed.

8. Resting occasionally while studying, resting for 5 to 10 minutes every hour will make you study more focused.

Study with will

When you go to college, there’s always something more exciting to do than study. This is why you must accept the reality and realize that you are already in college so you must study. When you prefer to have fun than study, you need luck to be able to graduate from the required class. Think of lectures as working full time which requires at least 40 hours in class, laboratory, meeting, study group, and also homework. Especially if you are in a tight and competitive class, maybe you should raise that number a little higher.

 Make a Study Schedule

After getting a syllabus from your lecturer, you should start planning your semester. Planning will help you stay on track. There is nothing worse than having to be forced to drink caffeine so that you can study late into preparing for tomorrow’s assignment.

 When making a schedule, try to make it as realistic as possible but also challenging. Record important days such as when assignments must be collected or when there are exams.

Obey The Study Schedule That Has Been Made

It is not too difficult to make a study schedule, the hardest challenge is to stick to the learning schedule. A strong commitment might help you run more successfully and reduce stress. When planning your study schedule, you also need to give some space for unexpected events. You won’t know when parties and dates might appear. If you need to do something, try not to have a big impact on the schedule.

Find a Comfortable Place To Study

Finding a comfortable place to study is not as important as making a study schedule. Some students may prefer to study in the garden while sunbathing, others prefer the library because it is quiet and has a lot of material. Some students prefer to study alone in their rooms, wherever the place is making sure the place you choose is comfortable and can help you concentrate.

Tips For Managing Time In College

At present many universities offer students time management techniques to be successful and graduate in good time. These tips include how to not delay, better manage daily activities, reduce excessive anxiety and also increase motivation and self-confidence. Dartmouth College and Pennsylvania State University recently also published time management tips on their official site.

1. Organized

When it comes to developing time management techniques in tertiary institutions, it is important for students to first understand their goals, then only later to develop and follow a regular schedule. Without the following factors, it might be difficult for students to be motivated using their time management strategies. Students can buy or download schedules, weekly, monthly and yearly plans, worksheets related to the distribution and organization of personal assignments. A well-organized schedule and grouping of important tasks that must be done first will help students to do without waiting until the deadline is determined.

Now many universities are recommending students to start spending time making plans every day. Making a list of tasks that must be completed each day can help students concentrate more on completing assignments one by one. Every student must have in mind every goal that already set in mind to review the lecture they already got from the class, also he must set a schedule to keep learning other subjects. This student can start by scheduling a clear start and stop times, then also a predetermined rest period. After that, he can start from the difficult lessons first and also work on assignments or tests that are due first.

2. Mental Exercise


After properly organizing assignments, students must also find ways to always remember their long-term goals to obtain better time management. Mental awareness is very helpful in this regard. Every student must try to be aware when falling into not productive zone. Also, students must identify certain triggers or disorders that affect and result in delays. Exercise and meditation can also help student to clear mind and build confidence and focus when studying.

3. Looking for help

Besides, students can also seek advice from teachers, mentors, trainers or even peers about better time management strategies. Each student can work together to be a reminder and also an encouragement.

4. Avoid wasting time


If the above has been done, the threat that arises to good time management is external interference. At least students should be able to eliminate or avoid common time-consuming distractions such as television, social media, and the internet, telephone conversations, non-critical business, transportation, and extracurricular activities. Time management aside from being the key to academic success will also be useful for life. Organizing, mental training. seeking help, and avoiding wasting time are some useful strategies for students.

7 Favorite Majors

The college period will be a time where you enjoy learning more directed according to your interests and expertise. When you were still in high school, you couldn’t choose what you were going to study more deeply, but now it’s time to consider what you’re going to study in.

 Does the course you are going to take is following your wishes or just follow friends, parents’ orders, it could also be due to economic factors. Whatever majors to be taken, don’t make mistakes in making choices, because many have stopped studying on the grounds of “wrong direction”. In addition to loving costs, also a lot of time will be wasted.


 We have so many lecture majors to choose from, we try to summarize the most favorite and worthy college majors for your future.

 1. Department of Agriculture

 This department is indeed timeless and remains one of the favorite majors. Opportunities to work after taking this course are also very many, among others are becoming agricultural extension workers, cultivation experts, plant experts and many more.

 2. Department of Education

 The Department of Education is currently on the rise. Not only because educators’ job vacancies are scattered everywhere, work as an educator is also impressed as a noble job. At present there are a lot of majors in Education that you can take, starting from basic education, art education, non-school education and so on.

 3. Law Department

 Aspiring to be an honest and fair law enforcer is also a noble dream. Establish yourself before entering this department, because it requires great responsibility. Employment from this department is also wide open, starting from becoming a lawyer, judge, or notary public.

 4. Department of Informatics Engineering

 In the modern era like now, everything is fast and sophisticated. The Informatics Engineering Department is the answer for those of you who like technology. Especially now that salaries are quite high for the graduates majoring in IT themselves can be one of your considerations. Job vacancies from this department are very many, both from domestic companies to foreign companies.

 5. Accounting Department

 Workers from these majors are a very important part of the company. If you like to count, you can consider these majors. Graduates from this department are always sought after because every company needs an accountant.

 6. Language Department

 The Language Department is also a very important department at this time. Apart from being a means of communication, language is also a bridge between countries. At present, there are many choices of language majors, from local languages ​​to foreign languages. Among them are German, Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin and of course English.

 7. Department of Medicine

 This department is still excellent, in addition to offering a bright future, this department is also considered a prestigious department. Working in this field is also considered as a noble job and helps people around. Currently, medical majors offer various majors such as medical majors or doctor education, veterinary medicine, nursing, and physiotherapy.

Beware of Fake Scholarships


For students, scholarships are a separate goal and achievement. Opening scholarship registration is always awaited, both scholarships from within the country or scholarships from abroad.

 For scholarships from abroad, information can come from anywhere, online information. Lots of information about scholarships can be obtained on the internet, therefore students must choose well about the scholarships to be followed. Not a few scholars who turned out to be fake on the internet, they only use scholarship information for personal gain. There are a few tips to differentiate between original scholarship providers and fake ones, one of which is to recognize the characteristics of fake scholarship information providers, namely:

 1. Asking for Money

Scholarship seekers must be careful if you find a message or e-mail to pay an unreasonable amount of money, fake scholarship providers are usually reasonable for registration fees or administrative costs. Usually, if there is a registration fee, the scholarship provider will include the fee and account number by what was previously informed.

 2. Request financial info

 False scholarship providers sometimes ask for detailed financial data from prospective scholarship recipients, financial data that is very personal, such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and some even ask for a PIN for transactions. Official scholarship providers usually only ask for personal data that is general and some academic achievements they have. If you encounter a registration form requesting financial information as above, you must be careful or just look for another one.

 3. Terror from the scholarship provider

 When you find scholarship providers who suddenly send e-mails or telephone continuously, do not rush to believe. You can find detailed information about the scholarship provider first, and make sure that you do receive the scholarship. Usually, the fake scholarship providers also give a time limit for completing registration in an unnatural time such as 1 x 24 hours.

 4. Certainly accepted

 Finding a scholarship provider is indeed difficult or difficult. But if you meet the registration with the lure of sure to be accepted and the requirements are too easy you must also be vigilant. Especially if suddenly there is a scholarship offer without us ever feeling registered, and say you are immediately accepted if you pay some money. Yet to get a scholarship especially foreign scholarships must go through businesses that are not easy.

 5. Logo

 Fake scholarship sites will usually include the logo of universities, institutions, banks, and others to convince potential victims. It’s a good idea to match the logo on the site with the logo on the original site. Be careful if the logo listed is different from the logo on the original site.